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About us

ChatVyapar is an all-in-one advanced WhatsApp chatbot for all types of businesses. We empower thousands of customers around the world to start and grow their businesses with our smart automation technology, award-winning support, and inspiring content.

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No plethora of confusing options. Just one simple pricing for all
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Rs. 14999 / Year
Unlimited Messages
Unlimited Chatbots
Multimedia Messages
Button Messages
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URL Button Messages
Call Button Messages
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What Our Clients Say

You are in great hands. We're loved by many small
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The advance WhatsApp
chatbot I have found so far
It's pretty incredible to see what ChatVyapar can do. The only chatbot for your whatsapp that can automate your business entirely with some great advance features.
Dinesh Sharma Marketing Consultant
This is the real deal
and you need it too
The ChatVyapar is the real dea. I use it for my WhatsApp sales & customer support, and I believe you should too. This has changed, the way, we look at WhatsApp.
Suman Lata Online Coach
Finally you can integrate
CRM and Apps in a chatbot
Perfect for high-volume or strategic support and sale. The most well thought out chatbot I have ever used. Finally, a chatbot that I can integrate with my CRM and App.
Akhilesh Gupta Ecommerce Owner
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